MODO: Desk Tidy

Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter

Traditional desk tidy's are for exactly that; tidying your desk - for you to then get it all messy again. MODO is the opposite of that. It's organised mess. The rubberised prongs mean you can throw anything & everything into it keeping it in one place. MODO won the BPMA award and went into production.


The BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) set the challenge to design a new promotional product which would be distributed to different brands. Initial research went into discovering where a product would make most of an impact and seen every day; the desk. A desk tidy would be useful; however, I wanted to flip this and organise mess instead of tidying/removing mess.

In Situ

Physical prototypes made from 3D printed rubber resin on the FormLab went through multiple iterations to achieve the correct spacing between the prongs. These needed to be the perfect size to efficiently hold the majority of desk items such as pens, scissors, rulers etc. These conceptual renders were presented to the BPMA; the decision was made to take the small functional product forward - It's now being used as promotional merchandise by many brands in different sectors.