Self-build Camper

This was one of the hardest projects I've ever undertaken & one I seriously underestimated: Engineering, Electrical Engineering, plumbing, carpentry you name it, I did it. Most of the tasks I've never done in my life, yet it turned out how I envisioned it to be & I'm super happy with the creation. It tested my design process; from ideation at the start by mapping out the floor space to prototyping and building. Meet Eki the van.

Final build

The campervan contains everything we need to be almost completely sustainable for a trip; tiled shower, large under-mounted water tanks for fresh & waste, a solar panel that automatically adjusts to the correct angle of the sun, hot water and a toilet. There's an incredibly comfortable Simba mattress, pull out tables for eating and a fold-down table to watch movies whilst in bed & if we get bored of movies there's a skylight to look out at the stars.