VNYL App & Speaker. Any tune, any room

VNYL is a smart, and multiroom speaker handcrafted from oak and zebra-wood. The handcrafted Alexa compatible speaker stands out in a market full of plastic, and injection moulded speakers. Its simplicity allows the beautiful wood to speak for itself.

Early digital product design for hardware tests (stay with me)

Initial app UI designs were created in a frantic rush to get to the factory for the first batch. These were purely functional to initially test device connection & setup.


The app integrates many popular streaming services to provide a seamless experience whilst beaming music to multiple VNYL speakers in different rooms.

Early physical product design

Initial ideation, focusing primarily on basic forms that utilise wood as the primary structural material. Initial sketches were CAD'ed up for building in the workshop as a test run and then converted into DFM models for manufacture.

Physical prototype build

Initial prototypes were laser cut to the correct size, assembled, and manually sanded to achieve the proper edge radiuses. The PCB's used off-the-shelf components such as the ESP32 which was re-programmed to integrate Alexa. The laser-engraved buttons on top went through many iterations to achieve the correct thickness for the capacitive touch sensors to work correctly.

Manufacturing Prototype

The DFM drawings were sent through to the factory in Shenzhen & the initial three prototypes were created. After this stage we realised a few improvements were needed; one of which was the process that the gold paint was applied to the buttons, this modification reduced paint splatter and increased the overall appearance of the product. Further, the button located on the back was changed.

Final Product

The final product is completely different from its rivals and boats a full wood enclosure that's completely handcrafted. It looks stunning in pictures, and feels incredible in person - you can feel the high-quality craftsmanship that's gone into the product. Minimal design, allowing nature to do all the talking.