MATR Air Quality Tracker

Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter
Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter
Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter
Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter
Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter
Cleantech Innovate 2018 Presenter

The MATR Tracker is a portable air quality tracker that records your air quality while you're on the move. The air quality index can be seen instantly on the device's display; more in-depth analytics can be seen in the paired app. The air quality data is crowdsourced and using machine learning; notifications are sent to the user to alert them while in certain situations and how to fix them.


Ideation consisted of going back an forth between prior research and ongoing questionnaires and focus groups. The primary questions were; "How many pollutants do we need to monitor" & "Which form factor allows the device to be used in as many usage scenarios as possible". I believe the process of creating seriously quick & dirty sketches and instantly CAD'ing it up and 3D printing to produce an object to play with rapidly sped up this process.


At the development stage, I joined a hardware accelerator program that provided workshops and rapid prototyping equipment, which was super cool. It helped me to expand development from product design to electronic & sensor testing using the different workshops to botch together an air quality testing tank. At this point, I had an almost completely functional alpha prototype.


One segment of research showed that the majority of cyclists in urban areas have a concern & interest in air quality. However, this was something we had to skip, later to pick back up. We used our initial prototype to see the fit on a bike handlebar. It didn't fit well initially however after some fiddling we found that the tracker was a little (1mm) too thick. This was rectified by integrating a slimmer battery & modifying the housing to suit. We also refined the PCB to include an additional sensor and accelerometer to allow custom gestures and also to put the device into a low power state when not moving.

Shenzhen & DFM

Going to Shenzhen was an incredible opportunity to see the manufacturing facilities (the pick & place machine was mesmerising), gain some contacts and check the feasibility of the current design. It was also a chance to embrace the culture and check out some of the beautiful paintings lying on the street at Defen oil painting village - incredible.

Final Product

The final product is a small, simple device that'll allow you to check the air quality anywhere. It was a great challenge to fit everything in such a small enclosure, however endless testing & iteration got the product there in the end. Iteration till the death of me.


Check out the tracker & app in action!