Whilst at Spotify, working on new product innovation, I had the pleasure of crafting some new and awesome features. All of which are still confidential, apart from one that made it out into the wild... Spotify Karaoke.

The core concept allowed our incredible listeners to sing along to their favourite tunes and ultimately get a score. Everyone loves a little friendly competition, right?

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People talked about it

"It sounds like the perfect party game — or simply a chance to test out your musical talents solo." - Mashable

"Amateur troubadours and divas rejoice! Music streaming service Spotify has begun rolling out an all-new karaoke mode for singing along to your favourite tracks..." - Techradar.

"Spotify has just released a new update – and it’s a major one. Yes, finally, users will be able to do karaoke to songs of their choice on the app." - Metro

"The music app's latest update encourages you to belt out some tunes (and then judges you)." - Evening Standard

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