MATR has been designed to tackle the cause of over 7 million premature deaths annually.

More than 2 years in development, it consists of three parts – a portable air purifier (1), a removable air quality tracker (2) and a mobile app (3).


Air Purifier (1)

The air purifier is super small, meaning you can use it at home and at the office. It's designed with nano-technology that eliminates harmful pollutants rather than just catching them. This patent-pending tech is capable of getting rid of particles up to 300 times smaller than HEPA filters. Best of all? It’s filters are washable so last much longer, saving the environment and your cash.

Whats it trying to solve?
1. We don't spend our lives in one room, we move about. Traditional purifiers are too large and heavy to move around.
2. Particulates need to go somewhere, and that's on a filter...millions of tons of filters go to landfill annually.

Wearable Tracker (2)

The wearable air quality tracker records air quality changes whilst you're on the move. The quality of the air your breathing can be seen on the device's display; more in-depth analytics can be seen in the paired app. The hyper-accurate air quality data is crowdsourced and using ML notifications are sent to the user to alert them while in certain situations and how to fix them.

- You can purify the air in your home, you can't purify the air outside. If you can't purify it, what's the next best thing? exposure reduction.
- How can I reduce my exposure? By monitoring the air quality around you and sending it to the MATR app you're now able to plan a route based on the quality of the air, but more on that in the next section.

App (3)

The app ties it all together. MATR’s purifier and tracker connect with the dedicated app which allows you to monitor and control your devices quickly and simply from wherever you are.


  1. Improve the quality of air you breathe by avoiding pollution hotspots
  2. Increase and decrease the air purifier's filtration level
  3. Dig deeper and learn more about the air you're breathing