As one of the original designers at Cleo, I was responsible for the core mobile experience and growing the team. Cleo was a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, especially around fundraising time when we raised a series B of $44m.

As one of the first designers at Cleo I helped to shape the product into what it exists as today. I worked on mostly every part of the core mobile experience, including but not limited to; budget, credit builder, credit scoring and saving goals.


Cleo what?

** Best Money Management App of 2020 **
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** Best Budgeting App of 2019 **
** Top 20 Financial Apps**

Track your spending, save money, and crush your goals with Cleo – the AI chatbot making money effortless. Trusted by 3 million users, Cleo helps you money like a boss with powerful tools and cutting-edge tech. Want to know what you can spend on takeout? Need $100 to get to payday? Or a planning to save up to buy a house? Cleo’s got your back. It’s your money – own it.

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