Need a freelance product designer?

Working in MATR; a startup company, I've accumulated a broad range of skills across the board. From product sourcing in Shenzhen to physical prototype development, patent drawing creation & 3D visualisation; I've had to juggle many hats.

Working in a startup & freelancing on the side has meant I've had everything limited: limited time, limited capital & limited team. Because of this, I've adapted a lean methodology to getting stuff done. EG: If I'm building a wearable prototype that requires a screen, do we need an electronic engineer for the alpha stage? Can we instead reverse engineer a smartwatch and install custom animation to achieve the same effect for the demo? It's ideation like this that saves time, money & HR.

At the heart of my skills is product design, however, spinning of this when needed I've also dabbled in 3D visualisation, electronic engineering & UX/UI. I've worked on a range of projects such as IoT wearables, smart speakers & portable ML devices.

If you think I can help, get in touch