I’m Matt Rowe, I’ve won awards from O2, Shell, Innovate UK & The Mayor of London.

Fun facts:

  • 1. Destroying & (almost) putting stuff back together since age 5.
  • 2. Made a flamethrower & accidentally burn my eyebrows & eyelashes off.
  • 3. Got a patent to my name that involves fluid dynamics yet studied a BA.
  • 4. Like to hack everything, including my Nespresso coffee machine.
  • 5. Love playing with Lego, you can't beat it.

I’m Matt, a London based freelance product designer with a passion for combining emerging technologies with distinct, honest design. I aim to create beautiful products that seamlessly integrate with their core functionalities.

To me, a good solid starting point is as vital as a finalised design & I take pride in the process of getting there. I love working hands-on to create functional prototypes iteratively to test core aspects of design, be it technical or visual.

Before my career, I graduated in Product Design from Brunel University London & later joined a hardware accelerator with MATR. Since graduation, I’ve been heavily involved in the London tech startup scene & have won various awards for sustainability & innovation.

Outside of work, I love building things; I recently converted a campervan which I’m using to travel & explore. I also like to keep up to date on the latest tech like VR, AI.

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